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My name is Laurie Kerridge. I bring over 28 years of financial experience in income tax preparation for individuals and small businesses, tax planning, payroll and accounting, audit representation, and new business formation services. I also have 15 years experience as a realtor and mortgage broker, though I am no longer active in that field. I am passionate and committed to educating and empowering my clients, not just preparing a tax return, collecting the payment and "see you next year!" Scripps Financial Group opened in 1988, originally in San Diego, with the mission of creating long-term business relationships with people by providing service that exceeds their expectations.  

What kind of tax experience are you looking for?

Tax season is undoubtedly a stressful time for everyone. The whole world of the United States is in the same crunch for time but is that an excuse for crappy service, especially when you're paying for it? I have heard many common themes over the years where people felt they were in a buffet line and that they were rushed in and out as if they were taking up too much of the tax accountant's time! Other's have felt their preparer relied simply on what information and documents they brought in and the questions they asked, but didn't explore much further beyond that, causing them to feel the tax accountant either didn't care or wasn't very knowledgeable. If your tax accountant or CPA  doesn't thoroughly interview you... really dig into the crossroads of your work, business and family situation, then you might want to consider whether your money is well spent. Be careful choosing a tax professional based on fees; you might save a few hundred dollars choosing the lower fee option but in the end it might be costing you three times that in frustration, lack of service and worse yet, paying more to Uncle Sam than the fee you thought you saved, plus the other guys fee to fix it all! I see this more often than not with new clients. Oh, the horror stories I could tell!

Results you can expect at Scripps Financial Group 

Perhaps you are someone who has fallen behind in filing... more years than you'd like to admit? Or you're just tired of not getting the service, support and collaboration that you need from your current tax practitioner. Maybe you feel lost in the middle of a pile of chaos and paperwork and don't know where to begin. I am a chaos manager... your tax stress and paperwork mess is my forte' and I am good at what I do! I teach and educate my clients how to establish simple, sustainable strategies to organizing and making sure every deduction is captured... and able to be supported if ever audited! Achieving the desired outcome of paying the LEAST possible tax under the law is a collaborative partnership of communication and ongoing education.

Free year-round consultation

My business model is one that centers around providing accessible service and support. Once you have become a client and I have prepared a tax return, you will have access to year-round advice, consultation and planning by phone or email, for any matters related to that years' business. With the exception of starting a new business, if you need to update your withholdings or estimated payments, have changed jobs, sold a rental home, or need additional consultation regarding your existing business... you will not be charged for my time. Your annual tax return preparation fee covers this "consultation insurance," which you will likely not find anywhere else.



Do you have a small business, employees or a lot of stress because paperwork and taxes are not your strong suit? Have you recently started a new business or perhaps you're in the planning or thinking stage of opening a private practice or other new venture? I am sure you have questions and would like to be sure you're hiring someone who is just as invested in your success as you are! 

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My firm offers and specializes in tax preparation for individuals, sole proprietorships and LLC's. My clients are nationwide and some overseas working abroad. I am experienced with all US state tax returns as well as federal income tax returns. If you are interested in being a new client, or have questions and just want to get to know me a little bit, I offer a free, initial phone consultation. 

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At Scripps Financial Group, Laurie doesn’t just prepare tax returns...she builds trusting relationships and genuinely cares about her work and her clients personal best.