Meet Laurie (Tax Practitioner) and Woofie (occasional office assistant). 

Meet Laurie (Tax Practitioner) and Woofie (occasional office assistant). 

My name is Laurie Kerridge. To your immediate right is the face behind the name (the one without fur and far less cute)! 

As with any claim, we want to be sure it is backed up with evidentiary support! When you trust your tax and business finances to Scripps Financial Group, you are only working with me (sometimes the dog takes over) not some third party or a turnover of different seasonal employees. My work and reputation are backed by 28 years experience in preparing thousands of tax returns, federal and most every state in the US. 

Certain return types are more likely to be selected for random audit. Earlier in my career, the IRS was calling to question small business returns (Schedule C's and related forms) and because I prepare a significant number of these return types, I spent considerable time representing clients in IRS offices throughout southern California. No one wants to get "the letter" or the accompanying panic attack of their life! Audits are a tremendous amount of work and require skill and extensive knowledge of the tax laws in order to go to battle with an audit! I am proud to disclose that I have never lost an audit, even if a client's records weren't perfectly complete. When a tax practitioner "passes" audit after audit for a client (statistics show that the IRS wins 69% of all audits), a reputation of being ethical, consistent and trustworthy is set with the IRS. This translates into all of my clients benefiting from my clean audit record because I've never given them reason to continue wasting their resources auditing my clients. As such, the last "visit" to the auditors desk has been nearly 20 years ago. My work is articulate, methodical and is of the A-type brand of perfectionism. I cut no corners and take no short cuts to the preparation and error checking process, nor in my time and service to you. Each client is trained and educated to do their part in the most simple yet comprehensive manner... I see us as a team and a collaboration of efforts to achieve your goals and favorable outcomes. As long as you keep the doors of communication open during the year (alerting me to any changes), you will not have the annual stress of worrying about owing chunks of money you weren't planning on because my tax planning skills are second to none (that perfectionism comes in handy here). 

My business has grown by reputation and referrals from happy clients. The vast majority have been loyal and trusted me for over 25 years, which speaks to my vision of building "clients for life." If you would like to find out more please contact me for additional information and a brief phone consultation.